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Entry #1

Alright then! Time to get started!

2009-05-06 17:20:59 by Zephyralos

Whahahahaha!! Hmm. Going for an evil, dramatic entry. I do like entering dramatically.

Hello, all of my two viewers! I'm Zephy, and I love to listen to and compose music. I'm somewhat of a critic, but recently there have been so many good compositions I've listened to that I feel I've lost that criticism somewhere. Everyone is just getting too good!
That means I must get better.
So, I'm going to start uploading some music once I can find the right programs to use.
I'd love to even give a couple cheap little programs a shot to see if I can get the hang of things.

If you'd like to talk to me, just send me a private message. I LOVE to talk. ^_^

Good day to you all. (All two.)

- Zephy


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2009-05-06 17:29:13

Do a remix of the Appassionata by Beethoven. One of his best works, yet I see no remakes, much less remixes.


2009-05-06 17:45:37

remix some fity cent. nighur!!1


2009-05-06 18:15:14

Can't wait to hear your music! Let me know when ya submit and I'll check it out! ;)


2010-03-13 23:50:11

Well? Lets hear your stuff!


2010-06-21 08:16:43

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